Early every Sunday morning, I haul my recycling down to the county Farmer's Market, as I don't get local pick-up, and it's self-serve (I enjoy the peacefulness of a space where the trust in self-responsibility is encouraged).

Walking over to the steel can bin, I was passing one of the many lean-to signs designating what can (NPI)--and cannot--be placed in its respective bin, and I looked down...

...now, I've had plenty of deja vu and seemingly-prescient moments in my life, but this moment was the first time I'd ever experienced a time warp...

What an odd, singular experience.

"Nixon Resigns", I read, with such disbelief that I could not help but stop in my tracks, and stoop to grasp what I imagined to be a funny prank.

The smell of a 41 year old newspaper is as new to me as the moment, and I will always remember.

1974...I was six, and living in Topeka, Kansas, and that has always been my favorite year, until this: 2015.

Now I have two favorite years ;)