nature poems

(a poem by Donald Levering, from his book Horsetail)


It is Easter and
I'm turning the earth with my spade
spurred by the rising sun

Behind the wind and the pollen
is the sun
heating the tunnels of ants

winding the skein of geese
roughing the cheeks
of church-bound dames

Easter and
the resurrection
of girls in white dresses

Easter and the ritual
of hiding from my son
the eggs which contain

the truth about death
And the sun eggs me on

moving my arms and my legs
to lever the shovel
that turns the earth
and turns the earth

{ ...breathes deeply... }

When I was eight years of age, I became aware of my first stand of horsetail at the sideline of my quest to capture and examine the crawdads I did find. A plant native to Kansas, it grows at the shoreline of creeks and other bodies of water.

Equisetum fluviatile

This awareness and discovery is (probably) when I first fell into love with plants.

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