leaving my bed
the windows did rattle
from feeding my head
in the wake of my battle

I heard them say
is for a man
not me--a mouse

up, up and away
to the loft in my mind
the end of this day
is here, but I’m blind

i knock on his door
with dope in my hand
on the first floor
to make my last stand

rude, by all means
make it shine-forth
sweat soaks my jeans
the cold from up north

i see alice cooper turn
and ask what i say
it is not super
being caught in his ray

they know it is me
their ‘copters fly by
no one is free
when THEY fill the sky

with heart-wrenching guilt
i run from the night
hopes start to wilt
when filled with this fright

i burn it and flush it
down the white stool
where only one may sit
i feel like a fool

i run for the bed
and curl to a ball
flashing lights in my head
sherrif’s voice in the hall

a daze events captured
it went-by so fast
my heart was enraptured
it wouldn’t last

why do i eat it
again and again?
a fool in a fit
only losses did I win

if you live in Detroit
why would you ever take a bus to Detroit?

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