Successful run of frames made these past few weeks.

Three I raffled as gifts at our Co. X-Mess party, and three I made for gifts of choice.

Wood reclaimed from ~1m sticks previously used as spacers between bundles of raw-cut wood at a hardwood trim company to allow the forklifts easy access.

I have an easy 100 un-cut pieces in storage, and the same cut/mitered ready for gluing, etc., &c., et al.

All unknown exotics from Africa, South America or Indionesia-ways.

Insets for glass/matte/photo(s) cut with a table saw, mitered with a reticulating cut-off saw, glued, corners drilled and firmed with oak dowels, and sanded to smoothness.

I rub only raw walnut oil into the wood, for protection, and to highlight the natural beauty of the dense grain.

2cm-high initials dremelled, glue-inlaid with 12-guage copper, pressed until dry, and hand-sanded flush.

Hand-cut matte, self-shot/printed photo(s) and plywood cut to fit; internals held in place with brass tabs (for re/-placement/-use).

Store-bought 5x7 glass, and wire table-stands for display.

Delivered in person on Christmas Eve.

I spend about twenty hours, total, working each to the end.

All were completely appreciated :)

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