Almost four years ago, I was driving back home from Teh Grocer (after work), and I spied a lil' black waif of a kittei on the side of the road.

Of course, I turned around, and investigated.

She was next to dead, but still as endearing as any lil' waif could be. I took her home, and fed her; trying to coax some life back into the little Raggamuffin.

[photos, movies and other Experiences will be revealed (at a later date) given time, and reflection…]

We had two good weeks together, eating and loving and sleeping.

A visit to the Vet later that month revealed that She /was/ near the End; riddled with infection, malappropriate growth(s), and harbouring teh FIV.

I elected to let Her Sleep the Good Sleep, holding (in the balance) quality of Life, which far outweighed my concern that She live in my Life for the duration.

It was a choice She would have made if there was such a table to turn.

Further She journeys through the Real-Real, Her brief, difficult period in the Lesser-Real but a forgotten bad dream…

As Life repeatedly turns and re-incarnates itself, the Vet allowed that (if I was so inclined), another young black kittei was in need of a home.

As I /was/ inclined, I accepted another kittei into my Life.

She came to live with me not two weeks thence.

So begins the Story of Little Miss Princess (or 'Princess', of which She was so fond).

This is a Story far too large to fit within the confines of such a medium as FB, so I reserve embellishment to The Futrue, in part, in this and other mediums.

A story for another day, at a later time, if you will.

Three years, and so many months on, we we/a/re as one, knowing exactly how each of us fit into each other.

We we/a/re like carrots and peas.

Princess passed into the nether-would on the night of July the Fifth, in this year 2013 A.D., far sooner than either of us had wanted, or desired.

May She Dream the Good Dream in the Real-Real: to run-free through fields populated by milk-dripping hibiscus, vines that sprout chunks of feta, and swaths of grain that provide shelter to the innumerable little creatures that so vexed and enlivened her experience here in the Lesser-Real of Earthly Life.

Though you are but a shadow of your former Self, the light still shines.

I love you so, so much Princess.

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