I love you; my Lady


Planting some seemingly 6,000+ annuals a the base of the rock wall (I know, right?!) separating the club house from the practice tees a TOR, I was (again) brought to notice a marvel of our Creation; an entomological fantasy; another science project!

As we planted petunias, calibrachoa and a whole slew of annuals (the names of which I should have memorized, but do not, sorry to say (I know; I know)), we progressed West to East, planting along the base of the 'wall', and 23/32'nds of the way we came to an existing crop of shasta daisies, as they existed in fertile ground for imagination, and education.

The common 'Lady Bug' we all know, but the stages--the 'instars'--of their development are not something most people recognize.

Pictured here are three (no eggs were evident) of the four developmental stages of the common Lady Bug :)

As with butterflies, remember that most--if not all--insects progress through distinct stages as they grow to what we usually see; what we know them to be.

As with butterflies, lady's have larval, pupal and adult stages.

One can see the larval in the dragon-like, black-orange-black, spiky creature.

The pupal stage lies quiescent in the fold of the leaf, sucking, gestating; waiting; growing. She sits there, body raised, responsive to touch, cowering low to the leaf when disturbed.

Upon completion of HIr metamorphosis, SHe grows more solid; firm in HIr conviction to be what SHe was destined to Be :)

I love you; my Lady; my favourite 'bug'; example for me to be all I can be.

I would gift you my longevity, if I could...

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