Pounding Pansies


When Barbara said we were gana pound pansies this past Saturday, I just had to have her reiterate, 'cause, well, I had no idea...

So, you pluck some pansie/viola blooms…

Using a rubber mallet, one basically pounds the blooms between watercolor paper and parchment paper, transferring the colour from teh blooms into the absorbtive paper, effectively creating an instant print!

It's not as easy as it sounds, but--with persistence and repetition--masterpieces can be created :)

The Little People bonked like no tommorrow, and were more than happy to let me catch a few photos...

They also bonked parsley, fennel, and some clover that I did find (a good handful of 4-leaf fell under the hammer, that day).

Some embellished their artwork by inking outlines, and other designs.

I made a bookmark for Mom :)

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