A star willingly releases its light.
In all directions; to see everything.
Through those small pieces of itself.

As a cloud cries each raindrop,
The sea kindly remembers the loss.
And willingly evaporates in reunion.

By reflection, the light becomes one
With that which is touched,
Together as one: nothing is lost.

As a seed remembers its flower,
And dust its mountain,
So does sand its coral.

In each part lies lit
The reflection of this memory
In eternal appreciation.

Every seed carries the infinite memory
Of an infinite field of stars
In their infinite remembrance.

Each bit of dust carries the infinite memory
Of infinite mountains kissed by light
In their infinite remembrance.

All grains of sand carry the infinite memory
Of infinitely refracted coral fractals
In their infinite remembrance.

Infinite flowers producing infinite seeds
Fed by infinite rain, infinite dust,
And caressed by an infinity of light.

I look through my window of sand
To see an infinity of memories
In my infinite remembrance.

As I look through this window of sand--
Upon the flowers; the clouds; the mountains--
I am reminded of this beautiful star.

The time it took to be touched by this star,
Far, far removed by an infinity of space,
Is reduced to a mere instant.

I then remember that the Eternity
Of everything is but a memory of the Self,
And that there is no distance between.

In reflection, I am lit by your light,
And remember that you were never away
Because you, my friend, are a Star.

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