Salsa Verde


So, teh dry is upon us once again, and this means great weather for peppers and tomatillos.

In celebration, I always make a coupola gallons of my own version of salsa verde.


1:1/1.5:1 ratio of husked tomatillos and various peppers (I usually include poblano/ancho, jalapeño, habañero, and Anaheim). It's all a matter of taste, but don't skimp on the tomatillos

1 large white onion per gallon

1 bunch cilantro per gallon

I begin by adding a cupola-cups of agua to the pot per gallon to get things to cook evenly.

As things are prepped and cut, add to the mix in any order.

Get things boiling on the stovetop, then cook at a simmer on med-low/low down to a lovely/lively mix of softened vegetables and herb (1-2 hours, on average).

Add another bunch of cilantro, and stir-in so it softens a bit as the mix cools from a simmer to a stand-still.

In stages, puree the composite in a blender to a homogenized mix, transferring each to another pot where all blends can be mixed as one before portioning-out into separate-serve containers.

I freeze most, give some away, and keep a few pints out for immediate use.

This time, I'm keeping two additional pints out to add to the Boston butt I have in the freezer for when I make Teh Carnitas con Salsa Verde Cruda
(another story, for another time).

I submitted a support ticket to FB asking for a Smell button, but have not heard back, yet.

Until then:

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