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Saturday, Barbara brought everything together that the kids could make decorative bird feeders from scratch.

Anna and I did what we could to help make Barbara's vision a success.

I forget the recipes, and I did not photograph much as my hands were otherwise occupied :)

The girls made a mixture of bird seed, flour, corn syrup, peanut butter, cayenne powder (and one or two ingredients I have since forgotten) in bowls…they then packed the cookie-dough-like mixture into cookie forms (as seen, below), then left them to dry for hanging, next week.

The middle group of boys made suet out of Crisco bars, peanut butter and other ingredients mixed with bird seed. They then packed this mixture into little, plastic tea cups--sticks were glued inside so that our avian friends could find purchase while they dine--and artistically decorated by our little Artists.

Lastly, the final group of boys heroicly fought the good-fight, and resisted the desires of their eyes, mouths and noses, bringing great discipline to hand smearing all of the peanut butter on their plates into pinecones, and rolling them in bird seed until fully covered.


Those that made the cups and pine cone feeders went-out, and hung them in trees, and places of interest.

What a beautiful day, and what great times had for all involved...

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