The light in your eyes
Could feed a forest of dreams.
May I walk through them?

The Trees love the rain,
As they Love rays of Sunlight.
This is True Heartwood.

Clouds take what we give,
Giving little, in return.
Just press the red X.

Where will you fly-to,
When you find that you can soar?
The air in your wings.

snow, please

Is it for fear that
The past clings to the future?
Or is it in love?

North Georgia scorpion

Mountain scorpion...
She was more afraid of Us,
Than were We of Her.

The warmth in your light—
Your very existence, now—
Banishes the cold.

I am with you, now;
You light did consume me, then.
Where are you now, Now?

Against all the Odds,
You gave it your Best.

You came with our ferns,
And I almost lost you there.
Loved you 'cause I could.