In Clayton, GA--at the family home of a friend--we chanced upon a Wild Kingdom was a lesson, on life, in death, and it brought a needed moment for meaning, and perspective.

Continually--day-to-day--we all are assailed with forces beyond our control.

Living is unforgiving; as intimately brutal as the timely assimilation of a weak zebra on the plains of Afarique by the lion, hyena and vulture.

The fractalisation in life is recapitulated in the micro, as seen, above...

...the grasshopper meets the same fate as the zebra, and life goes-on living; the essence consumed, preserved and transformed.

Pain(ful) is the awareness of life, and it pains me so to be party to such events, but . . . to live, I die.

Thank you little grasshopper, busy yellow-jacket, intent ant, and flirtacious gnat for providing me with food for thought.


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