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digital re-print two-colour-press-print from 1968

This tricycle is a digital re-print of the two-colour ink-print my father Jay Hurt made as an announcement of my birth--crafted by his blessed, gifted hand(s)--and shared with Friends and Family at that time.

Jay and Charlene Hurt hand-picked me (Me!), and adopted me into--as a partner of--their Family in early May, 1968, two weeks (plus some change) after my physical birth.

I hold one of three (or so) copies of that original, and I have cared for it as I would my own hand.

I treat this avatar--my FB 'profile picture' as such, and am proud to hold it as mine.

My Father taught me everything I have come to understand as Art; through his creativity; through /his/ works; through his Love.

It is my honour to have the skill--one of these many gifts, imparted--to re-create this work of art, in this medium, and to display this as part of my Me.

I am so, so proud to be able to do so.

I am so, so gratified to have this understanding.

I am so, so happy to be a part of my Family.

Thank you Mom.

Thank you Dad.

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