I awake late, clear in my head, but muddy in my body...the indulgence of enthusiasm sometimes carries me to eddies and backwaters; caution, of no heed.

Where did I lay that paddle?

In the warmth of the embrace, still--after being apart, then a part--filled with the heaviness of how separate I am; I willingly separate as I already once did, and venture out into the World, to remember my meaning, that it guide me to even more meaning.

I look back, remembering then what I did not know, now, that it was the warmth of my embrace that helped provide meaning to all these others, here, that they might also find proper purchase as they tread these cracked, and broken paths.

I now leave my rekindled warmth with all these embraces, knowing how so very important it was to all these others that my willful participation is/was validation that, Yes! They were good times! This Town is a good place! I am proud to live/have-lived here!

My gift to my Self, became a gift to all the others.

Thank you, God, for the wisdom of not only knowing, but trusting my Heart. I love you too.

Oh! There you are!


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