You did no wrong

nature poems

Beautiful, delicate traveller,
I follow you a short way,
as you do, what you do,
during your short, short time.

This quest, only your essence remains, shimmering, that others may think on it.

"What's on your mind?"

In the blissfulness of this awareness--as I patted myself on the back of my mind through the interface of touch and togetherness for having found such a happenstance, perfect jewel, fissuring the backdrop of concrete thought--I forgot my self, and in doing so, I forgot you.

Under the heel of thoughtless circumstance lies trangression.

At the foot of my transgression does lay you.


I am so, so sorry--Little Buddy--that you and I happened to meet at such an untimely, mis-aligned crossroad.

You did no wrong.

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