Photo gallery using PHP to dynamically create interactive pages of thumbnails representing subfolders and jpg images stored in a folder tree of any size, depth or arrangement

Each page encapsulates only the subfolders and photos contained within the current folder, contextually concatenated with all the others in the tree...dynamic, and on-the-fly: no database required...

A folder or sub-folder is represented by a "manilla-folder" thumbnail with badges showing the quantity of contents. Click/touch any folder image to proceed further into subfolders. Orange counters indicate the # of sub-folders; green counters indicate the # of images; both, together, indicate the # of sub-folders and the # of images contained, therein. A thumbnail of every image in the current subfolder is automatically created if it does not already exist, each linking to a larger version in a touch-enabled fancybox 'lightbox'

Once you click/touch an image, you can then navigate through the sub-gallery in any of three ways:

  • Use the arrow keys (↑→↓←) on your keyboard
  • Click/touch to the left/right of the image
  • Swiping with your finger (or toe (or nose, for that matter)) left, right, up or down on a touch-enabled device

Close the image-preview with the [esc] key, or with the X in the top-right corner

Navigation context (e.g., "breadcrumb trail", "link-back-to", etc.) is interactive at the top of the page

Image processing in Photoshop; graphic design in Affinity Designer

Primary source derived (and extensively modified using BBEdit on a Mac Pro) from Harry Ghazanian's most-excellent folioGallery (v.1.4)

Thanks, Harry

© 2003-2022 ah